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Tour Type : Adventure

Many tours are designed to specifically highlight a historical aspect of a country or a city, such as the bus tours that have been reintroduced to many cities showcasing the traditions and historical significance of these areas. Other modes of transportation unique to certain cities are normally used for sightseeing tour groups. Hot air balloon, horse riding, canyoning, hiking, and cycling tours, are a unique option for visitors, combining adventure and sightseeing. The different types of tours offer travelers more control over how they want to explore, and provide anything imaginable for an exciting, memorable trip, no matter what country they are visiting. As a tour operator, it is our job to get to work in each of these types of tours and will find out what makes each so special in its own way.

Opportunities for challenging adventure possibilities are scattered all over this planet; you just need to know what activities you would like to do, and then where to find/ do them. Hurray - lucky you! Jordan is the destination that gives you all these adventures aspects to gain much more of your journey excitement by allowing you to step outside your comfort zone. The main factor distinguishing adventure trips from all other forms of trips is the planning and preparation involved.

You may decide to combine an adventure excursion with a more ‘classical’ tour which allows you to see more of Jordan’s wonderful sites. Many of the adventure tours can be expanded or collapsed as you like, from a simple day trip or an evening’s Bedouin party in the wilderness to as many days of camping as you want.

A word of Gold! Adventure tourism is our preferred trip types due to two main factors- the first one it support local communities where encouraging sustainable practices is involved. The second indirect factor is that it helps in foreign exchange generation by conserving natural resources as well as breaking cultural. As consequence of adventure tourism, the positive impacts would be not only for tourism, but also for destination economies, their people, and their environment.

There two types of adventure tours, hard adventure & soft adventure. Hard adventure includes the activities like climbing mountains/ rock, abseiling, rambling, while soft adventure activities can be like camping, hiking, birdwatching, snorkeling or scuba diving and so on…  Adventure tours can be designed in many forms, and these forms can be accommodated in our beloved country as below:

§  Hiking & Trekking: This can be done in all over the Kingdom, and one of the breathtaking adventures is the epic hike through Jordan Trail from north to the outer south of Jordan of least part of it.

§  Gorge Walking/ Canyoning/ Scrambling: The best place to try this wet experience is at is the lowest nature reserve in the world, Wadi Mujib, and many more wadis all over the country such as Wadi Ibn Hammad, and Wadi Ghuayyar. 

§  Camping: in the Desert: At the moonscape terrain T. E. Lawrence rightly described as "vast, echoing and God-like”, the magical Wai Rum.

§  Horse ride excursion: Have a special permit to return through the Siq on horseback for an excursion to Jabal Harun, Petra’s tallest peak. 

§  Cycling: Old archaeological sites, Deserts, and mountains of Jordan have become the perfect hub for avid cyclists. From exploring wild trails in the country’s cliffs and canyons to experiencing dramatic descents and climbs.  

§   Scuba diving in Aqaba: Located on one end of the Red Sea, the coastal city of Aqaba shelters more than 450 coral creatures and a plethora of marine animals.

§  Climbing/ Abseil: Wadi Rum is the oasis of climbers in Jordan.

§  Some other adventure activities such as, mountain biking and Zipline, Parasailing, Sky Diving/Parachuting and Hot Air Ballooning. 

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