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About us

Who we are ?

We are creative, trustworthy, and inspirational about our beloved country Jordan…

Our business is all about our love for Jordan, our amazing homeland. We're really passionate about showing off its breathtaking beauty and its incredible importance on a global scale. Jordan is often called the cradle of civilizations, and it's like a little powerhouse of different cultures all living together in harmony. Even though our country isn't that huge in capacity, but it's overflowing with history, a melting pot of civilizations, and it's super lucky to be blessed with abundant natural resources too.

Plato Tours & Travel, which we kickstarted back in 2018, was born from our deep-rooted believe that our biggest strength lies in our uncompromising commitment to delivering extraordinary, exceptional, distinctive, and truly authentic travel experiences to our cherished guests.

We get it – people don't just travel to check off places on a list. They're out to dive deep into heart, soul and the rich tapestry of different cultures. With this in mind, our dedicated team of Travel Consultants works tirelessly to craft opportunities that lead you off the beaten track. We want you to immerse yourself in local communities, connect with their traditions and customs, and gain insights into their lives, dreams, hopes, and challenges. But that's not all. We're also on a mission to reveal the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Jordan, something that sets our country apart.

We don’t just provide travel packages; we offer a range of service levels tailored to suit various budgets, all with an absolute commitment quality. Regardless of your preferences and financial considerations, we have the means to deliver the most suitable and convenient options. We don’t just hear you out; we listen attentively to your desires and preferences, meticulously tailoring individual or group trips to match with your specific needs.

Should you seek a truly extraordinary experience, you need only place your trust to rely in us. And, if, by chance, we have yet to organize such an experience, we are more than excited to embark on the adventure of creating it alongside you. Our wealth of experience is at your disposal, as we collaborate to design your ideal holiday, crafting memories that will last for a lifetime.

We understand the concerns prevailing worldwide regarding stability and safety in the Middle East, and the doubts that may arise when considering Jordan as a travel destination. However, we assure you that Jordan is a safe and welcoming haven for visitors. The Jordanian government and its people wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to maintaining an atmosphere of security and warmth. Travelers in Jordan will not encounter feelings of insecurity, unease or even threatened but will instead be embraced by the genuine hospitality of our people, by never doubting for a moment that you are not welcome in our homeland.

Jordan maintains a steady and strong alliance with whole world, like an old oak tree firmly rooted, undisturbed by the constant ebb and flow of present-day challenges, especially in this turbulent area. Here in Jordan, we treasure peace as something sacred. Our heartfelt wish for a world where peace to reigns worldwide, enabling every person to lead lives filled with harmony and fulfillment.

The story behind our name!
We chose to name our travel agency Plato Tours for a reason that's close to our hearts. You know how the ancient philosopher Plato introduced this fascinating idea about ideal geometric forms serving as the building blocks of our world? Well, we believe in the building blocks of unforgettable journeys!

Just like Plato saw the world's core elements in those geometric shapes, we see the essential elements of a fantastic trip. To us, fire represents the fiery passion for adventure, air is that exhilarating breath of fresh experiences, water is the joyful flow of discovery, and earth is the solid ground for deep cultural immersion.

So, our agency is all about putting these pieces together in a way that's harmonious, just like Plato's perfect geometric forms. We're here to create travel experiences that are a perfect blend of these elements, just as Plato envisioned the universe's building blocks – beautifully unique and always unforgettable.

We continually strive to distinguish ourselves through our exceptional services. We take great joy in transforming unique ideas into tangible experiences. While good ideas may be easily replicated, the creative talent and touch we embody cannot be imitated.

Last, but certainly not the least fun part, here at Plato Tours, we're more than just a travel agency; we're your dedicated companions, devoted to helping you make the wisest choices when traveling with us, and ensuring you experience it in complete peace and enjoyment.