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Our Group Tour

Our Group Tour

“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together”

For us traveling is all about seeking new adventures and making travel memories. And these adventures become even more fun when you can share them with other people, and at the end gain new friends “A journey well shared is a journey well enjoyed”.


We’ve chosen a selection of our favorite experiences in Jordan for our new range of small group tours. These trips are packed full of amazing sights and fun activities, so you won’t be disappointed. You’ll have the chance to see the main highlights of Jordan including the legendary world's best-preserved Roman provincial city of Jerash, and the incredible rose red city of Petra. Combine ancient wonders with driving along the Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan, floating at the Dead Sea and overnight camping in the heart of Wadi Rum desert, where you'll have a chance to enjoy the dazzling night skies of Wadi Rum, and enjoy traditional Jordanian cuisine and hospitality. No matter what you choose, you’ll have the time of your life on our group tours to Jordan!


The maximum capacity of our group tours is 24 persons, that why we think small group tours are the best way to see the country at your own speed – no waiting in lines or standing around for hours waiting to get the perfect shot. When you travel on a group tour, your tour guide is on hand all day to help you with everything

from getting around and translating instructions to finding the best places for meals and coffee and making the most of your time in the country. And you can also relax knowing that your travel companions will all have something in common and will enjoy the same activities as you.

Nabatean Kingdom Group Tour

See the crown jewels of the ancient Nabatean trading empire in this abbreviated version of the World. Make like Indiana Jones at the Rose City of Petra, enjoy a thrilling 4 x ...

3/5- 5

World Heritage Discovery Group Tour

This action-packed program gives you the very best of Jordan, including it’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Packed with special treats including the RACE show in Jerash, “ ...

4-6 / 10

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