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Day Trip

Tour Type : Day Trip

Despite these sorts of tours are not our favorite range of tours due to many reasons; one of them is that it doesn't give Petra its right to explore its eternal magic, but we have to cater all our guests needs that commensurate with the possibility to make these tours come to live. We highly recommend spending at least one night in Jordan, so you have the chance to see as much as you can within two days of adventure.

Our one-day Petra tour from Wadi Araba Border or from Aqaba Port offers an amazing experience to explore the legendary ‘lost city’ of Petra, which was carved into the walls of a desert canyon over 2500 years ago. It is located just a short drive after entering into the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan making it a good destination for a one-day tour from the southern border or from Aqaba port if you are traveling on a cruise ship, these day trips are designed to include all entrance fees, guiding, transportation, and lunch.

One day tour to Petra from Aqaba Port

This short break shore excursion from Aqaba Port will give you the best tour of the legendary rose city of Petra in an amazing one day trip

1-3/ 10

One day tour to Petra from Wadi Araba Border

Experience a day visit to the enchanting Rose City of Petra from the Wadi Araba (Yitzhak Rabin) border. Discover Petra's wonders and return with cherished

1-3/ 10