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Family Friendly & Fun

Tour Type : Family Friendly & Fun

Holidays should be fun for everyone in the family. With its spectacular diversity of activities, events and cultural experiences. Multi-generational travel -- when grandparents, parents and kids all travel together, it makes the group more fun and memorable. As every parent knows, to have a successful trip, the first ones you have to please are the kids. But that doesn't mean limiting yourself to beach or theme park vacations. Many tour operators offer special family trips -- including adventurous and grandparent-grandchild trips -- that are especially suited to keeping kids (and everyone else) happy travelers. Jordan is the ideal place to share experiences you’ll remember with pleasure for years to come.

It's true that the education meets the adventure!
Cultural tours are a fantastic way to introduce kids to the magic of history and give them exposure to other cultures and customs. Handicrafts workshops, activities, and demonstrations are the perfect way to provide a connection with place and past. For kids, as with adults, the intersection between education and adventure is much smaller when traveling- as they discover the world, they will not even realize how much they are learning.

Use our convenient response form to tell us about the ages and special interests of your family members, and we’ll work with you to custom design a program that gets everyone revved up for an exciting holiday! And of course, we’ll remember the basics; hotels with kid-friendly swimming pools, car seats when needed, low-intensity sightseeing plans and flexible itineraries for the days when you just have to get back for a nap or a swim.