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Culture & History

Tour Type : Culture & History

Petra…Amman…Jerash…Wadi Rum…Dead Sea…Desert Castles…Red Sea…all archaeological treasures scattered from north to south of Jordan, reflecting the finest cultural achievements of ancient civilizations around the world.

Many tours include these and other famous ruins, civilization and sites in their itineraries, while others offer travelers opportunities to engage in some amateur archaeology themselves. Whether you “dig” ancient ruins and sites figuratively or literally, you can find a tour that will breathe new life into your appreciation of their cultures.

If you love culture & history and want a tailored experience with a deeper connection to the beautiful culture of Jordan and Levant region. We connect and work with the locals to ensure that you experience life like a local and get a real feel of the culture and history. You will leave our trips with new friends, cultural growth, and memories to last a lifetime. We can also customize any individual experience that you like!

Discover how ancient Bedouin people used to build their dwellings, eat food prepared from ingredients that would have been available, learn how to dance traditional folk dances, trace the footsteps of famous authors and artists. No matter where you're traveling inside the Kingdom, interactive culture & history tours provide an exciting link to the past. Especially if you're traveling with children, activities where "history comes alive" are an absolute pleasure, and are often included on tours which are not history specific.

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