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Tour Type : Culinary

Get an inside glimpse of the famous regional cuisine of the Levant. The tasty and beautifully presented assortment of mezza (appetizers) which signal the start of a Jordanian meal reflect a cultural tradition of generosity, leisurely meals and lively conversation. Main courses typically combine simple ingredients with an exotic array of spices a reminder that since time out of mind, the land has been at the crossroads of the ancient spice caravans.

Now you can make the secrets of Levantine cuisine your own. We can help you set up a 5-night cuisine course at The Petra Kitchen. Like any home kitchen, The Petra Kitchen is a relaxed, informal atmosphere where you’ll gather to prepare an evening meal, working alongside local women under the supervision of a local chef. Each evening meal includes soup, cold and hot mezza and salads, and a main course—all typical Jordanian dishes.

Your days will be filled not only with visits to Petra, Wadi Rum and other local attractions, but also the chance to visit local farms and orchards and to go shopping in the local markets with the chef. Who knows? Maybe you’ll pick up a working knowledge of Arabic language (at least the all-important food words!) and a little experience at haggling.

You’ll also dine in a few of Jordan’s best traditional restaurants, and sample the best of the rapidly-growing assortment of local wines.

Take home memories….and recipes….so you can invite your family and friends to sample your favorite holiday dishes. They’ll enjoy it more than pictures, we’re sure!