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Festivals & Special Events

Tour Type : Festivals & Special Events

This is a tough one……some of the most interesting festivals and events around the Kingdom seem to happen in secret. There are some special events you can do any day, or each week, or anytime you want. There are also annual festivals, concerts, street parties and celebrations…. these are the ones which are inexplicably hard to find out about, but we’ve tried to include everything we know about. If you’ve heard of a special event you’d like to know more about, and you can’t find it listed below, just use our response form to ask us for details. If we don’t know, we’d love to find out!

Daily events:
RACE Performance (Roman Army and Chariot Experience)
Petra by Night
Petra Kitchen

Festivals and annual events:
Amman Summer Festival:

Jerash Festival: A celebration of Jordanian arts, culture, literature, food, and music. This is a large and lively event, and often includes optional seminars and workshops in addition to the main celebrations taking place in Jerash.

Aqaba Traditional Arts Festival: This celebrates the culture of the Bedouin people, and is a showcase of local traditional arts and crafts in the city of Aqaba.

Perseids Meteor Shower

New Year’s Eve Bash in Wadi Rum

Cultural tours can take many forms: art, architecture, music, and literary tours being perhaps the most common. But cultural tours might also involve interactions with indigenous Bedouin tribes in South of Jordan or visiting small villages scattered all over the Kingdom to learn about their daily life routine. While many tours contain major cultural components, some make it their primary focus.

Throughout time, the arts have been a unique and powerful tool. They are used for portraying both political dissonance and dissatisfaction. They are intrinsically linked to the outlook of a nation. They are a great equalizer - whether you “like” a piece of art or not, is irrelevant. All humans create art, and have for thousands of years. It’s one of the quickest avenues to discovering more about a country’s culture.

It’s guaranteed that a cultural tour will incorporate a deep look at the arts - from film, painting, and music, to artifacts and architecture.

Learning about the traditions and cultures of native peoples can be a glimpse into the ancient world. Often more closely connected to their culture as a way of life, in some places native populations are struggling to maintain their traditions in a rapidly closing in modern world. Many tours will showcase local artists, visit native villages, present traditional foods, and you may learn a word or two in their language!

We can also organize private group tours for a range of other special events, whether it's your honeymoon, anniversary celebrations or memorial visits to war sites. Just let us know!